Sunday, March 28, 2010

Muse Music and my Weekend

I am a little late reporting, but my gig at Muse Music on Thursday went well. It was a lot of fun and I met some cool people.  I didn't have a huge following for me, but quite a few people stayed from the other performers so that was good! I am so grateful to the people that did come to support me.  It is hard, because I don't expect my friends to dish out the money to come every time I play.  I just hope they know how much it means to me when any one of them shows up to any one of my gigs!

I am working on getting fans...March was a pretty good month for me, I did quite a few performances, and April is looking like it is getting more stuff lined up too! I believe the next thing I have lined up at this point will be a show at my friend Lindy's house in Salt Lake. My friends Danny Heslop and Kraig Brinkerhoff are going to play too.  It should be a really great show! I just met Danny a couple weeks ago at the acoustic night I played at and he is fantastic!  I can't wait to hear him play again.

I am working out another show at the end of April with my friend Steve Solberg who does stand up.  We are going to see how a double header goes over.  We will have an MC and then I will play for about 30 minutes and the Steve will do his stand up.  I hope it goes over really great!

This weekend I went and picked up my nephew Grant and brought him to my house to hang with me Friday and Saturday.  We went and saw How to Train Your Dragon.  We both loved it!  What a great movie!  I would go watch it again in a heart beat!  We hung out pretty late Friday night and then Saturday morning went and played frisbee in the park with my friend, who is also Grant, and Mindy.  It was a lot of fun.

Being in charge of your nephew, or niece for that matter, really makes you check yourself out.  Am I a good influence?  Am I being a good example?  We watched some episodes of Lost and I kept wondering if his mom would be ok with him watching!  (Carlin, if you are reading this, I hope I'm not in trouble!)  I just wasn't sure what kinds of shows were ok, he is 14 years old after all (as he would say!! :)) I realized that I have to give more credit to kids these days!  My nephew is very smart, and is just a really great kid!  I enjoyed our time together very much! He was always asking me, "have you read this?  Have you read this?"  It made me feel way behind with my book reading!  He didn't complain about anything (except going home of course!) And helped out with anything I needed help with. Not that it was a lot, but simple things like taking his dishes to the sink, bringing the sheets and blankets in to see where they needed to go, offering to carry the mattress back downstairs where we got it!  Anyway, it was great and my nephew is awesome!  Props to my sister for raising such a great kid!

P.S. If you want to take a kid to go climbing at the quarry you have to get a signature from a parent! We were totally bummed!    

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