Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well, July has been kind of slow with the performances, I have one this Sunday at Ed Kenley Amphitheater in Layton, so come spend your relaxing Sunday evening listening to good tunes.  The address is on my website home page  The show is free and it starts at 7pm.

The summer is going by so fast I feel like I haven't had time to even do anything with it!  My brothers family was in town for most of July, so I spent as much time as I could with them and it was great!  I miss those kids so much! My brother and his wife Stacie live in Pennsylvania with their three kids.  It was very fun to have them around for such a long time.

Other awesome things that I should document while I am here:

1. I learned how to dirt bike a couple of weeks ago!  I didn't fall once (probably because I am too cautious - but whatever!) It was a blast!  My arms got really sunburned though!  I just didn't even think about sunblock! Now I am all scaley like a dragon cause I am peeling!

2. I got a new phone that has internet on it and it is a touch screen!  I love it!  I have become a cell phone junkie!  I love being able to check and update my facebook, email, website, twitter and all the other sites I use for my music stuff!  It has been really fun and very convenient!

3. I went through the Draper Temple tonight for the first time!  It was beautiful!  Funny story though!  Totally forgot my temple clothes...yes I know...what a Kat thing to do!  It gets better, my recommend was expired too!  The cute temple workers were rushing around finding me clothes and getting me cleared with my Bishop just so that I could do the session with my ward!  They were so sweet and it meant so much to me because I was looking forward to going through that temple so much!!  God cares, and he watches over us! :)

So I am hoping to post some pictures of some of these events at a later time when I am not so anxious to go to bed!  :)