Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Skiing at Snowbird

It has been a few days since I wrote so I have some catch up to do, but for now I will tell you about my Saturday skiing adventure.

So Saturday was a forgetful, retarded, funny, awesome, frustrating, exciting day!  Yes  ALL those things!  And I will tell you why!  Saturday morning I got up and started getting ready for the ski trip that I was going on.  I was running a little late so I was rushing around the house trying to get everything together. I ran downstairs, got my ski bag, made sure all the stuff I wanted to be in there was in there and took out the un-needed items.  So far so good, right?  Hmmm... well, I run out to put my bag into my car, but it was locked.  So I set it down behind the car...I'm sure you can only guess what happened with that situation!  No worries, Ill get to it.

So I run into the house, pack my lunch run through all the things that I wanted to take in my head and out the door I went!  Jumped into my car and started backing out!  YEP!  Right into my bag.  Since it had my ski boots in it and it is a fairly large bag...ok its a large bag...it didn't quite go under my car it just slid across the concrete and tipped over creating small holes in the bottom where my ski boots go!  Sad!  I know...but it is still ok.  That was forgetful moment number 1! Yes there were several!

I drive over to my friend Michaels house to pick him up and realized that I had forgotten my cell phone. That was forgetful moment number 2! I was bummed, but it wasn't really that big of a deal because I don't pull my phone out on the slopes anyway.

So we started driving.  We stopped at ski n see where I had rented my skies the night before. Then we went to Michaels parents house to pick up his skies.  We headed up to Snowbird...which by the way was forgetful moment number 3, 4, 5, and 6 because I kept thinking and saying Snowbasin...as you may have seen on my facebook status as well!

So we get to snowbird and start putting on our gear when forgetful moment number 7 happens.  I FORGOT MY COAT! MY SKI PARKA!!  I was SOOOOO FRUSTRATED!!  I can't even tell you!  The bag? FINE!  The cell phone?  FINE!  Who really cares!  But my coat!!  My beloved coat that I love so much and get soooo excited about skiing in.  It was probably sitting at home just fuming when I left it there! Poor thing.  Poor me!  I was very upset!

So after my feelings of stupidity and frustration subsided a little I tried to tell myself that there is nothing I can do about it now and we are just going to have to figure something out!  So we drove all the way back down to Michaels parents where I borrowed a rainproof shell/jacket thing and we headed back up.  (I was still frustrated...but trying very much to swallow it!)

The rest of the day was pretty good minus the clothing malfunctions and issues that I kept having with my alien coat!  We just had to stop at a lodge once so I could re-adjust and then we were back on the mountain.

The skiing just got better throughout the day because it was snowing on us all day.  Which made it wet, but it was still a lot of fun.  Michael took me to the back side of the mountain where you ski down into this big open bowl and then they have some runs and chair lifts on the back side once you get out of the bowl.  It was really cool other than the fact that we couldn't see anything at all!  It was completely white and you couldn't see where the mountain went up on the right or where it dropped off on the left.  I almost didn't go because honestly it freaked me out! But eventually I mustered up the courage and followed Michael down. Once we started going down and there was no turning back, there was a very close moment of panic...but I was quite proud of myself because I held it together quite successfully and enjoyed this new adventure I was taking. It was a really sweet spot to ski and the snow was great!  It was just hard to tell if you were even moving because of how white it was, and it also made it hard for me to trust myself so I was skiing pretty cautiously.  I would love to go back there sometime when the visibility is better.

Anyway, I need to get going so here is a picture for you! ...Michael kind of looks like an alien or something....ha ha ha...I'm lookin pretty hot myself!

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  1. Looks to me like you are skiing with a man who is trying to hide his identity. It snowed hard here, so the mountains we probably getting hammered.