Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank You

Thank you again to everyone that came to the concert!! There was a really great crowd there for my set and I had SOOO much fun playing for everyone!  My ward is awesome!  So many of them came out to support me!  Even my  Bishop and his wife!  Everyone thought they were my parents, it was funny.  The sound was great and besides a few cracks in my the performance felt very solid!

It is funny playing at places.  I feel so awkward when I first show up.  I never know where to put my stuff or what to do with myself.  I really need to work on my confidence in that area!  Especially if I am going to be playing at new places all the time!  Anyway, as I was setting up and trying to act like I knew the drill or something I started looking around at all the other musicians that were also setting up and they all looked just the same way I felt inside.  So that gave me some confidence. :) I totally went into Velour with the attitude that I was going to be outgoing and introduce myself to the other performers yadda yadda yadda but it was kind of hard!  I felt like I did a pretty good job considering.  It is easier after everyone has played because then you can talk to them about their music.

When we were doing the sound checks they needed to check the piano and vocals for Emily Brown, but that would have required them to move my set-up and the piano and everything just for a sound check! So I asked the sound guy, Jordan, if I needed to sing while she played so he could get levels.  He said that would be great so I ran up there and attempted to improve a song for everyone while she played something random on the piano. I sang things such as, "I am singing a song for a sound check and I don't improve songs out of my head, but at least I'm singing on tune and I even rhymed for you"  (those were not my exact lyrics because I don't remember them, but I wanted you to get the gist) It was pretty funny! Everyone seemed to enjoy my attempt! Ha!

All in all, the night went really great.  I felt great about my performance, but on top of that the other performers really did a great job!  The guys after me had some great harmony and the one guy, Chad, played awesome rhythms on the harmonica while strumming the guitar! I was very impressed.

The girl after him was Emily Brown and she was AWESOME!! I absolutly loved her. Similar style to Regina Spektor, (minus the Russian background) very unique voice, and great piano skills!  I was sooo impressed.  You can find her on facebook. Go to  I just loved her!  And she was very nice which makes her even more cool!  :)

The last guy, I think his name was Asure,  had a really great voice and had a very chill set.  I really like that chill, kind of minor style.

Once again, it was a great night and an awesome show.  I hope everyone that was there enjoyed it as much as I did!

Bye for now!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What?! A Crack?!

Got my guitar back yesterday in time to use it tonight at Velour.  It is sounding great and feels good to play!  There is just one sad thing!  They found a crack in it!  Martin & Co warranty their guitars forever so I will eventually have to send it in.  It is not a noticable crack but it is a crack none the less!  SO SAD!! Maybe it is time to start looking for a new guitar...why does it make my heart so sad to say those words? 

On to other events of the day.  I am excited to play at Velour tonight.  I think there are going to be a lot of people there to support me and I don't know if they have any idea how much it means to me that they are all coming! I really hope that I give everyone a great show!

Velour: 135 N University Ave Provo, UT. Show starts at 8 (I'll play soon after) $5 at the door.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Car Woes, Concert Concerns

Totally got my car back today - don't get too excited - I got it back only to find that the check engine light came on 10 minutes after I started driving! So, I will be taking it back to the shop again!

Enough about my car, I play at Velour tomorrow night and I am way excited!  It sounds like there are going to be quite a few people there to support me and that makes me even more excited to play.

I do have a concern though.  I am afraid that all these people are going to come tomorrow and then Corey (the guy that owns Velour) is going to think that I have this really great following and then he will put my on a bigger venue and nobody will come to that show!  Hopefully people that come to the show tomorrow will like what they hear and that will make them want to come back next time I play again. And hopefully they will tell all their friends and make THEM come to shows and they will tell their friends and then I will be PACKING all kinds of different places with huge crowds of people!

Wouldn't THAT be awesome!?  :)  Ah...daydreams...sometimes they can be so fun...

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Car...

I got in an accident about a month ago in my Trail Blazer.  I fish-tailed at around 60 mph into a baracade which sent me sailing across 4 lanes of traffic into another baracade where I stopped, unharmed and extremely gratful to have not hit any other cars.  So that sums up the accident.  Pretty scary! I know...I was there! :)  (I'm a geek and you love it...)

So we took my car into the shop and they got it all fixed up but they keep painting it the wrong color! Maybe the painter is color blind or something...I think I will pretend like that is the case just to make myself feel better. Kind of like when you are behind a really slow car and instead of getting road rage you think to yourself...'maybe they are carying very fragile materials or something.'  Maybe you don't do that, but occasionally I do.

So the moral of this story is that I miss my car...though I am grateful for the little truck that my dad is letting me borrow so I really shouldn't complain! 

Enough about that! I have a gig this Wednesday and I am way excited!  It sounds like there might be quite a few people there and that will make it even more awesome! I have been stressing a little since my guitars have been in the shop getting all tuned up and stuff.  My Martin wasn't going to be done until Tuesday, so I decided to do the show with my Ramirez (my classical guitar).  I know what you are thinking...'A Claaaaasical guitar! - what are you doing Kat..'  Let me just tell you that my Ramirez is a sweeeeet guitar and it sounds great!  Especially plugged in!  So I have all the faith in the world that you will still be very satisfied with the performance if you happen to be lucky enough to be there! Ha ha...was that cocky enough for you? :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

About my Weekend

This blog is more about my weekend and not so much about my music...but isn't that what a blog is...random info about my life?

I thought that last night was going to be very chill for me. I'll admit, I was a little bummed about that, but, I was determined to deal with my circumstances with a positive attitude! So I called my friend Betsey to chill with me and to my delight we ended up having quite an adventurous night! I love when stuff like that happens!

It snowed quite a bit here and Betsey's neighbors decided to go play in it. Since my Trail Blazer is still in the shop getting painted all the wrong colors, (a story for another time) I am currently driving this light little Chevy Colorado that my Dad was nice enough to let me borrow for a while. Because of its lightness it is really great for donuts and such...and as I found out last night...REALLY great for bizzin. A new term for me...the picture explains it all! I only completely fell down once! But I probably swore more than once... :/ hee hee.... bad habit when I get in tight spots! Still not a good excuse though...

Well the fun did not end there! We also went sledding down this long kinda curvy road! It was very fun! And just a little scary when the snow plow decided to plow up the road we were riding down. No worries! We had plenty of seconds to jump to the side! :)

We only had one mishap the whole trip and that was Betsey's phone slipping from her pocket and into the snow somewhere. And before we realized it the snow plow had already gone up and down the street. Sorry Betsey!

As for roommate and I scrubbed our kitchen floor! Something we have been dragging our feet on for a long time...ha! No pun intended! Since then I have watched an episode of Lost and done quite a bit of advertising online for the show at Velour on Wednesday! The rest of the night is ahead... disco skating anyone??

Friday, January 22, 2010


It is Friday today!!

Don't be surprised if you find a post from me every Friday about how much I love Fridays! Anyone that has an 8-5 M-F job understands me completely! And for all you other people that have to work weekends, my heart goes out to you!!

Although, as I start finding places to play I am probably going to be "working" a lot of weekends. But I am pretty sure that I won't mind that "work" quite as much as my regular job. :) Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for my regular job! Especially in these hard times. I work with great people, a good company and I am kind of a nerd and enjoy typing/secretarial work.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Beginning

Hello Everybody! I am finally entering the blogging world and I will tell you why...

For those of you that don't know me very well yet, my name is Kat Tingey and I am a musician. I have been playing guitar, singing and writing music for over 10 years now and that is where my passion is in life! I love writing music, and I absolutely love performing for people!

However, though music is my passion, I haven't been pursuing it like I should. I have played quite a few shows here and there, but I have not given my best effort to find more places to play. I know that I have let some of you down because you wanted to see and hear more from me. I am sorry! I even had one of the songs I wrote, called Undone (inspired by the Twilight novels) and it became quite popular online, yet I still didn't take that perfect opportunity to do anything about it! Why? Who knows...I have come up with all sorts of excuses through the years! To be completely honest with you I think the reason for my slacking is fear, feelings of inadequacy, intimidation and anxiety! All great reasons not to pursue your dreams right??? HA! Are you kidding?! PATHETIC! I am tired of succumbing to these fears and feelings! I am tired of letting them stop me from moving forward with my life and following my dreams!

Don't get me wrong...I have accomplished quite a bit with my music. I have recorded 3 albums, 2 (Raining Autumn & Stranger) of which can be found online through my website or by searching Kat Tingey on itunes,, or just google my name. I graduated from USU in Guitar Performance and studied with Mike Christiansen. I have taught guitar lessons, classes and ensembles. And I have played at a lot of different places. These are great accomplishments but I think it is time to take things a little farther now.

I was talking to a good friend a while back about jobs and such and he mentioned something about doing what you love for a living and how he couldn't imagine work being any better than that! That conversation apparently stuck with me because later I was sitting at my 8-5 M-F job...where I answer phones, enter data into the computer and do other secretarial type jobs...and I thought to myself, "what am I doing with my life! Am I really going to be a Secretary my whole life when I could be doing something with my music?! Making money doing something that I love?!" Around the same time I had this realization, another friend emailed me saying, "Kat, I have been listening to Stranger a lot lately and there is no reason these songs should not be on the radio! Are you touring with this!"

Maybe I have been too open with you...maybe I have told you a little too much about myself and my feelings, but this is my blog and I am going to keep it open and honest as I proceed with upcoming goals!

So if you would like to join me, I have decided that by the end of this year I would like to be able to say that I have toured around with my newest album called Stranger. I am going to try and stay updated on my blog to let you know how things are going and probably how I am feeling too. It might even get a little personal sometimes, because, well, I do like to talk a lot sometimes! :) You probably noticed that already! Ha!

Thank you to everybody for your support, patience, good advice and love! Start checking my website for upcoming events, shows, and blog updates. ( I am hoping to get some shows set up in February and go from there.

Here goes...I am going to post this...eak!