Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sometimes Love

So I played at Velour last Friday, and Sometimes Love was one of the songs that I played.  As I was practicing and getting it ready for the show I found myself remembering why I wrote it and where it came from. So here it is:

(Here is the link, if you want to hear it before you read the rest... http://www.kattingey.com/stranger/2-sometimes_love.html) (If that doesn't work go to www.kattingey.com and click on Music)

It was 2003, I wanna say August or something like that, can't quite remember...

I was dating a guy...isn't that how most songs are written? Dating and breaking up with guys? ;)

We had been dating a while and it kind of got to the point that we either get married or we break things off. This was the first real relationship that I had been in since High School (just don't bother counting how many years were in my boyfriend drout, k) and so I didn't really know what to do. So we decided to start heading in the marriage direction. Well, as things kept going I just had this bad feeling about it, but I kept moving forward anyway. We went ring shopping and talked about some stuff, I even tried on some wedding dresses with my mom! That felt really weird, when I think it should have been fun and exciting! ha ha... Looking back is really funny because I can see, so clearly, how naive I was!! (Still a bit naive, but I have learned a lot since 2003!)

Very soon after the ring shopping day I found myself visiting my parents house. I was chatting with my mom when she told me that she had shot out of bed at 4 in the morning thinking about me, and just feeling nervous, like something was wrong. Right after she told me this the words, "thats because I am getting married to a guy I don't love" casually fell out of my mouth. As soon as said it I realized how true those words were and I actually felt a little relieved after saying it out loud! That was what was wrong...I didn't love him, he wasn't going to be able to make me happy, we weren't a good match for each other! SCARY!

I went back to Logan the next day and I broke things off with him. Sad, I know...but it was the right thing to do, as hard as it was.

So a little while after all of that happened, I wrote Sometimes Love. 

In the song I talk about meeting someone that I was able to connect with, and enjoy.

Found a sweet face, and let it slip into my life
Found a safe place, where I could run away and fly...

Found a good soul, that I could share with every whisper,
Found a heart full, someone who would always be there...

(ha ha...sometimes I feel cheesy when I read, or write, my lyrics without singing them...)

Those are pieces of the first two verses and that was what it felt like! It felt so good to be find someone who was nice and sweet and he liked me! It felt so good to have someone to share experiences with, someone to rely on...ect ect.

Well, sadly, sometimes love can slip away and it can cause you pain just like I say in the song. But, I can vouch that it will be ok, and it is ok to let go sometimes if things aren't right. Hence the third verse where I talk about leaving:

Left a sweet face, and let it slip out of my life,
Left a safe place, and it was hard to say good-bye
But it's alright, yes its alright...

As the song goes on I write about how it was hard to let go and some days you feel ok, some days you feel stronger, and some days you feel weaker! Sometimes lonely and sometimes full of strength to say that sometimes love can pull you down, but sometimes it just needs to be found again. (That is my favorite line of the song, sometimes love needs to be found again.)

It is scary to let go of love, or even just a relationship where you don't love the person, you just love having someone there! It can be scary to go back to being single again, scarier than staying in a bad relationship, sadly. But I have learned from experience that we do survive. Sometimes it takes longer to get back on track again and sometimes it feels less hard than you thought it would. But I still think that it is important to go for it, no matter how many times you have been hurt, and take those chances (as scary as it may be) and let love find you again.

Hope you enjoy Sometimes Love and maybe even relate to it a little better now that you know a little more about me and about the song! :)

Here is the link again: http://www.kattingey.com/stranger/2-sometimes_love.html