Monday, March 1, 2010

America's Got Talent Auditions

My trip to Portland was awesome!!  My cousin Candice got to come with me and we had a great time.  We also had a lot of great adventures that I am excited to write about too, but I know that a lot of you are dying to know how the audition went! So I will write about the other stuff later!

The auditions were held at the Convention Center in Portland.  Candice and I got there to line up at 5:45 AM!  The line wasn't too bad when we got there so that was good.  Then they decided to let us in around 6:30 AM which was another sweet surprise since we thought we were going to have to wait outside until 8!  

Once we were inside we went through a security check and were sent to another line where they made sure we had our paperwork filled out, gave us wrist bands and gave me a number.  Once we got through that line they checked our paperwork and sent us to the other side of the giant room where there were tons of chairs set up for us to go chill on, and wait wait wait. 

We waited in that room for a little while and then they had us all go outside on the steps where we cheered and yelled stuff for the cameras.  It was kind of funny to keep yelling "Portlands got talent!" since I am not from Portland.  It will be really funny if I am in any of those shots when they air the show!  

Anyway, after that they started calling us in to audition.  They took us out of the big room in groups of 50 and I was in the second group!  Number 98 to be exact!  :)  

They separated the people that were just singing from the rest of the group and we went and waited outside of the room we were auditioning in.  I had fun waiting outside, just hanging out and chatting with the other people auditioning. Some were chill and cool and some seemed really nervous. 

They had all of the guitar/singer people go into the audition room at the same time.  There were about 10 or 11 of us.  Inside the room there was a table with 3 judges and a camera man.  We each got called up individually to stand in front of the judges and the camera, stated our name and stuff and then played our song.  After sitting with these guys so long outside, I was glad I got to see all my new found acquaintances/friends do their performances. When it was my turn I felt like I presented myself very confidently and I played well. (I played Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree by K.T. Tunstall)  My voice did something a little weird on one of my growly parts but I pushed through it and it is possible that they didn't even notice.  All in all I felt very good about my performance.

When we were all done taking our turns the judges told us they weren't making any decisions today but that they will contact us if we are going on to the next round by the end of April.  We all left and waited outside for the door guy to go talk to the judges and then come tell us what to do.  When he came back out he asked me and another girl from the group to stay and told the others they could go.  Some of them weren't very happy about that...and some were way cool and supportive.

The other girl went in first and it seemed like I was waiting outside the door forever!  Then she came out waited for a few minutes and then they called her back in again. When she came back out the third time she said she was auditioning in another room now.  My speculation is that they wanted her to go into one of the voice only auditions because she had a fantastic voice, but not as great guitar skills.

Now it was my turn to go back in.  They told me they just wanted to hear me play another song so they could get a little more variety from me.  So I stated my info again, for the camera, and when I said I was going to play Ice Cream by Sarah McLaughlin the judge lady looked at me kind of funny.  So I asked if that was ok, and she asked if I knew anything a little more up to date.  

PANIC!! The only song I could think of was Fairytale by Sarah Barelis (sp?). So that is what I ended up playing and while playing I was piecing together in my head how I could get all the best parts into the song before she stopped me!  So I was grateful when it all came together as I played it and I felt like I did a good job, up until the end when I started messing up chords!  But luckily she stopped me right then!  Whew!!

At that point the judge lady told me again, that they weren't making any decisions yet and that if they should choose me to go on to the next round I would hear from them by the end of April. 

All in all, Candice and I had a great time!  We met a lot of fun people and had a really good experience with the whole thing!  I am so happy that I did it and I am very proud of myself for going for it!!  

Stay tuned for more Portland adventures!  I am done for tonight!!

This was inside the Convention Center the night before. I was thinking 'where are all the people?' We weren't aloud to take pictures of anything when we were there for the auditions.  
This is outside the Convention Center.  If you look closely I am pushing the thing that rings the bell!  I was trying soooo hard to make it ring!  But for some reason it wouldn't work! :)  Also note my new purchase on my back!  I found this really great Mandolin for a great price!  I have been looking at them and wanting one forever, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity! 

Last but not least! This was when we got back to the Hotel after the auditions were over!  This is my best friend/cousin Candice, me and my audition number. Yes...I was number 5080098!  :)

Ok, thats all for tonight! For real this time!


  1. Wow, what an adventure! I think it's so awesome you went and it sounds like it went really well for you! I can't believe they are making you wait all the way until the end of April before you find out anything. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Hello from Spain!! I hope the greatest for you, I really love your music, I´ve got your two cd´s and I always listen to it. I´m writer woman and your music inspiries me a lot. I´m so excite to have any new notice about your new job. Thanks!