Friday, March 12, 2010

Kat's Thoughts...

Its one of those Friday nights where I am completely content just staying home by myself. seems like I was just writing about how I always have a need to have something planned on the weekend!  Ha ha... I did write that, I think just last weekend.  Well, don't you worry, because I am going skiing in the morning, and probably dancing in the evening tomorrow! So I think it is ok to just hang out tonight by myself.

Still haven't heard anything from America's Got Talent.  I kind of forget about it honestly, is that a bad sign?  I'm not jumping every time my phone rings hoping that it is them.  Hmmm....

I do have a gig this coming weekend on the 19th in Salt Lake.  I will post more details about that one as I get them.  It should be a low key, fun gig.  I was thinking today that it would be really cool to find someone that was playing around places and just open for them everywhere they go, or at least when they are around here. I really need to research the artists coming and going.  I have heard that you can get on their myspace pages and what not and ask them if you can open for them.  I should do that.  I would say that I have an outgoing personality, I get along easily with people and I feel like I am fun to be around.  But I sure don't like bugging people with my music.  I want them to just want me.  But before it gets to that I have some work to do.

Anyway, for all those reading was kind of just the random thoughts of Kat...hope you weren't too confused by the end or anything!  :)

P.S. I'm not re-reading to fix awkward sentences or mis-spellings.  Just an FYI!

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