Thursday, April 1, 2010

Upcoming Events and My Difficulties Waking up this Week!

Things are looking good for April.  I am playing at a friends house in Salt Lake on April 10th (more details are coming for that one.) The end of April my friend Steve, who does stand up, are going to do a double header where I play and he does his stand up routine at a place in Trolley Square (I want to say it is at Wise Guys.)  I am playing the Tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point on May 1st and then it is the MS benefit concert at Viewmont Hight in Bountiful on May 7th.  So I am excited for all the upcoming events!

I am starting a beginning group guitar class the last week in April.  I am excited for that.  If you are interested make sure to let me know!  I am charging $65 for an 8 week class.  I am going to teach the class out of my very own basement and I think it will be a lot of fun!  I am only going to have 6 people in the class and we will see how things go from there!

The days are flying by.  Work has been busy so that makes the work day go by fast.  Then, I get home and start doing stuff around the house, practice, get online and blog and facebook, and twitter and myspace and all that good stuff and by the time I get all the things done (rather, half the things done) that I wanted to do it is 10:00 and I don't know where the time has gone!

Oh I have to tell you my difficulties with waking up in the morning this week!  It has been a bear!  Tuesday my roommate comes in and says, "Kat!" and I groggily say, "ya?" and she says, "it's 7:30" and I jerked up out of bed and said, "WHAT!? No way!! Why didn't my alarm go off!" and she says, "it did!! And you then you turned it off!"

Let me just tell you...I had no recollection of turning off my alarm, or hearing it at all that morning!  Then this very, lovely, snowy :( morning I woke up feeling as though it was Saturday morning and I thought to myself, "did I wake up before my alarm?" and then I looked at the clock and you'll never guess!  I didn't even turn the dumb thing on last night!  All I have to say is that I hope tomorrow I have better luck with the alarming and the waking from the deep, delirious, depths of sleep!

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