Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Music News

As you can tell by the decrease in blogging things have become a little busy lately.  Things are going well with my music.  I have a radio interview set up on Tuesday March 23rd in Weber.  The station is 88.1FM if you live around the Weber area, but if not you can still listen online at  I am scheduled to go on air at 8:30 PM and I am just hoping that I don't make a fool of myself!!

For those that know me very well you know that I don't always do great right on the spot in certain situations.  I feel like I do well in social settings where everyone in the group is chatting and sticking in their funny jibes or stories and whatever.  But, when it comes to answering questions right on the spot I tend to stutter and sometimes I even say things that I look back at a day later and think..." thats not really how I feel! Why did I say that!"  I don't know...maybe we all do it!  Or maybe I am just that way!  Ha!

Back to things going well with my music.... I also have a gig set up on Thursday March 25th. This will be a good one.  It is at Muse Music in Provo and there will be 4 people playing.  I will be playing 2nd or 3rd and will be doing a 30 minute set! Check out my website for more details about the show. ( Or just check out my website because its so cool!  :)

Anyway, last night I went and played at an Acoustic Night in Provo that one of my friend Lindy's friends set up.  (Did you get all that?!) It went over really great! I got to play 3 songs by the end of the night and there were a lot of other great performances.  It was really a lot of fun.  There were tons of people there.  The whole front room and kitchen were packed!

Thats all I have time for right now!  So I will blog ya later!

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