Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Speculation

Good news!  I had a great Valentines weekend!  
Don't let your imagination get carried away with had nothing to do with boys giving me flowers or chocolates or taking me out on a date. :) ha ha. In fact it really wasn't that exciting, just nice and chill.  

Mindy and I stayed home, watched movies and ate Thai Pizza.  This pizza is sooooo good!  It has this peanut sauce on it (as the pizza sauce) WOW! and all other kinds of good stuff like chicken, red peppers, little green onions, feta cheese, etc... Anyway, here is a picture... you can drool over it.  :)  It was delicious!!  

We rented All About Steve with Sandra Bullock.  I probably wouldn't ever buy it, but I thought it was funny. She does a great job acting like a really intelligent, nerdy girl with no social skills.  Anyway, that was our awesome Valentine evening! On to my next Valentine topic...

I have a speculation about Valentines Day...  

I wonder if there are more fights on Valentines Day than the average normal day.  I was just thinking about it because it seems like certain things are expected and when a person is expecting certain things and they don't get some or ALL of them, then that leaves a little, or a lot (depending on the situation) of room for disappointment!  Then you have guys who tried so hard to make their girlfriend or wife happy and when they don't hit all the expectations then they get in trouble.  I am not saying this happens in all cases, but wouldn't be surprised to find out that a lot of Valentine evenings end in tears and frustration.

Sadly, I have to admit, that I speak from experience, because I know that I have been guilty in the past of having expectations...ok I'll say it...that were too much.  I am here to tell you that they are very dangerous, and as a girl it can be hard not to let them just creep their way into your head!  And you know what else is scary...and probably stems from watching too many chick flicks...but, I think that girls can have expectations that are unfathomable to a guy.  How in the world is he going to meet expectations that aren't even possible for him to imagine!  (Maybe the guys would have a chance if they watched more chick flicks!  ha ha ha, just a little joke!)  Poor guys.  Poor girls too though...being a girl can be really ridiculous sometimes!  Anyway, I was just thinking about all this stuff and I thought I would let everyone in on my Valentine speculation. :)   

I do have to tell you that I am working on these things within myself.  I don't think it is wrong to have expectations, but I think it is important to keep an open mind and learn to be happy with what you have and especially what you receive!  I am reading this book right now called Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.  (Yes it is a self help book, and you know what?  I love it!) I am learning that we really do have control over our emotions!  I can take charge and change the way I feel, the way I react and the way I handle my emotions and situations in my life! 

I had an ah ha moment today too.  I realized that sometimes it takes a lot of work to be happy because you have to focus on changing your state of mind, or the way you are thinking, or your focus, or ask yourself questions that make you think of other things (other than whatever is making you feel sad or depressed.) There are a lot of ways to do it, and it is possible to bring yourself out of any downer if you make the decision to do it!  Then there are those awesome times when being happy is a piece of cake, because life is going easy on you for a minute.  

I will probably talk more about this book as I keep reading it because I really do feel like it is having such a positive effect on my life!  So I will leave it at that!

I really do, honestly, hope that all of you had great Valentines Days and that nobody got in any fights!  :)  Hee hee!

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