Monday, February 22, 2010

Maybe I am too easily entertained...

I had a great weekend in Logan! Friday night I stayed at my old roommate, Britt's, house in Corrine, a town near Tremonton UT. I was there Friday night and most of Saturday just hanging out and catching up on old times and new times. It is always good to just sit and chat with old friends. I was also very entertained with their pets. They have these two cats that they randomly found and rescued from the fields around their house. I am usually not a cat person, but these were very fun cats to mess around with! Caleb graciously handed me a laser pointer soon after my arrival and I spent most of my time teasing them. I couldn't get the video to post on my blog, but it worked on facebook, so go check it out!

Saturday evening there was a dance called Harlem Nights in Hyrum that is held every February. Mindy and I try to go every year, and she seems to always get roped into performing. Her and her partner got 2nd place! So that was cool. A lot of our old dance friends were there so it was good to get some fun dancing in with them. For those of you who don't know this about me, I have been into Big Band Swing Dancing off and on for about 6 years. I used to go all the time, but now I am very random about it. That is how I met my old roommate Britt and my current roommate Mindy.

Sunday morning I drove to my parents house and went to church with my Dad. He has been home alone for a few days because my mom has been out of town. So I thought I would keep him company. I know, I know...such a good daughter! It was good to chill at home with family for a while.

Last of all, once I finally made it all the way back home, Mindy and I watched the final 3 couples do their ice dancing routines. I really like watching the Olympics! I have to say, I want USA to win and everything, but I am overall, just so amazed at the time and efforts all of the athletes put into what they do that I am always just happy for whoever wins in any category! I definitely cheer and get more excited when it is USA but I don't ever feel sad when it is not. :) Anyone who has devoted so much time and effort, and has worked as hard as these Olympic athletes do, is completely amazing and impressive to me!

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