Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trimming and Glazing

I wrote this entry a lot earlier in the day today, but I was waiting to post it until I could put my picture on so you could see what the glaze on my pots looked like before they were fired.  

Anyway, I wrote all this boring stuff about how things were going with my music and what I was doing to move forward, yadda yadda yadda...well, as it turns out I have some news that is a little more exciting.  I think that I am going to fly to Portland this Sunday and try out for America's Got Talent on Monday.  CRAZY!!  One second I am freaking out inside and the next I am excited to do it!  It will definitely be a spontaneous adventure, thats for sure!! I'll keep you posted on what is happening with all of that.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

On to the other stuff I blogged about earlier today...

As for pottery! It is slowly coming to an end! :( I asked my teacher if she would care if I just kept taking her beginning class, and she said she would have no problem with that! So I think I might take the class again in April. I just love it and I think I might have a little bit of a nack for it. I feel like I have caught on pretty fast!

Yesterday we trimmed the creations we made last week and glazed the stuff we made the first couple of weeks. I am not sure that trimming is my specialty...I think I do better with throwing. I do have a pretty steady hand which helps me with throwing and trimming, but I just can't ever decide how I want to trim my pots. Do I want to create an edge on the bottom? Do I want to put lines around the outside? Anyway...I think I just need more practice. I think I am going to take her class in April.

Glazing is very cool! You dip your pot or whatever into this liquid stuff and it dries almost immediately after pulling it out! It is crazy! It looks kind of chalky after it dries. I Glazed a couple of my first pots (my first crooked creations...) so that I could see how they would work out and how the glaze reacts to the firing process. When you dip the pots they are not the same color as what they will be after they have been fired. So my first two cylinders are an experiment! Next week I will glaze the rest of my stuff.


  1. I think your pottery class sounds like so much fun and I am SOOOO excited about you trying out for America's Got Talent. You'll have to tell how it goes!

  2. Very cool pots. You were throwing a lot of clay for beginning pots! With that thickness you could have pulled them about 2-3 inches higher : ) If you can throw that much I want to see some tall cylinders, if you can get that down you can throw cool mugs and vases! I'm excited to see the glazes you picked out. Awesome Kat.