Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good things happen during hard times

Yesterday was a little rough for me.  I have just had a lot of things on my plate to deal with and I think they all combined together yesterday and attacked! Fact of life...everyone has hard times. However, I have good news! Even when you have hard days, good things CAN still happen in the midst of your trials!

So here are the good things!  My car is finally all fixed and so happy to be back with me!  I missed driving it soooo much!  So I was very excited about that.  My mom brought it back to me after I got off work so I got to go to dinner with her which was very good.  Moms always know the right things to say, at least my mom seems to!

Then I went home, picked up my roommate and we headed off to our first pottery class!  I AM IN LOVE WITH THROWING POTTERY!  I made 3 successful cylinders!!  It was great!  I love messing around with the clay and spinning it threw my hands and shaping it!  It is so cool! 2 hours might not be enough time each week!  It went by really fast!  I did get a sore on my hand from the grainy clay, but it was totally worth it!  I just hope it doesn't still hurt by next Tuesday!  Our teacher is going to show us how to make plates and bowls and pots!  It is going to be so great!

I learned another Muse song on my guitar.  It is hard to play Muse songs acoustic because you just can't seem to get the full effect!  They are just way too amazing.  But I think this one will be a good one once I have it down!  The song I decided to learn is called Falling Down off the Showbiz album.  It is slow and takes a lot of air, so I am going to have to work on it for a bit before I will be covering it at a show.  Ha!  Mabye I will have it down by the time I get another gig!  Just keep hanging in there with me!

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