Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello friends that read my blog!  I hope you are all doing well!  I have great news!  As you probably saw on facebook or twitter or my website, I wrote a new song!  I always get very excited about new songs.  Well I finished it up yesterday and now I am just working on making it sound solid.  I am putting a little guitar solo-ish part in it and I am going to have to really get it down and get comfortable playing it before I show it off to anyone.  Still don't know what I will call it, and I am not ready to tell the world what it is about yet.  So, I apologize for leaving you in suspense.

So this is random...but...I am really bugged because I don't have spell check on my blog anymore!  I don't know what happened!  I think I downloaded the new version and it just doesn't have spell check on it now. So sorry if you see spelling errors! Grrr!!

Well, I don't have any fun plans for the weekend yet...I am sure Mindy (my roommate) and I will figure something out.  We usually end up reverting to dancing (West Coast, or Lindy)  Maybe we will go se When in Rome or something.  I have been wanting to see that.  I do need to get some press kit type stuff together sometime this weekend to start sending to different Venues.  I have a friend working on my bio right now.  One little step at a time right...? :)

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