Friday, February 19, 2010


I recorded some demo tracks last night.  I was a little worried because my week went by really fast and I didn't get nearly as much practicing in as I would have liked!  Good news!  Things went very well!  I had already laid down 2 tracks previously.  So all in all we got 6 songs done.  4 that we recorded last night and 2 that we fixed up from a previous session.

When recording it is good to have your songs as ready as you can, otherwise you make a lot of unneccesary mistakes, and therefore you spend more time and money fixing things that wouldn't have been a problem had you been prepared.  So there is a little tip for any of you that may go record songs of your own!  :)

So, the plan was to lay down some demo tracks.  In the beginning I was only going to record songs off of Stranger.  The reason being that my initial plan was to be able to say that I had toured Stranger by the end of the year.  Well, I am changing plans!  I have about 7 new songs that I like playing too much not to play them at gigs.  So I've decided that I am not considering myself as touring...we can save that for the next album! ;)  For now, I am just going to do what I can to play anywhere and get people to start checking me out, listening to my music and passing it along to their friends. 


How was that for a plug! 

Anyway, one of the problems I was having with playing new songs is that I didn't have a way for people to listen to them.  PROBLEM SOLVED-thanks to my website guy Jason White!!  If you have checked my website lately then you will notice that not only is my blog on it now, BUT also a spot where you can listen to my "Unreleased Tracks." (In other words new songs and works in progress)  I will put all the new songs that I have recorded there.  As I work on them I will try and post what I've done so far so you can see the process of recording unfold before your ears ;)!  We will see how this goes!

Just a heads up before I go!  I am playing in Ogden March 5th and I have a radio interview on March 23rd!  I will keep you posted on place, dates and times. 

Have a spactacular Friday!!

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