Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank You

Thank you again to everyone that came to the concert!! There was a really great crowd there for my set and I had SOOO much fun playing for everyone!  My ward is awesome!  So many of them came out to support me!  Even my  Bishop and his wife!  Everyone thought they were my parents, it was funny.  The sound was great and besides a few cracks in my the performance felt very solid!

It is funny playing at places.  I feel so awkward when I first show up.  I never know where to put my stuff or what to do with myself.  I really need to work on my confidence in that area!  Especially if I am going to be playing at new places all the time!  Anyway, as I was setting up and trying to act like I knew the drill or something I started looking around at all the other musicians that were also setting up and they all looked just the same way I felt inside.  So that gave me some confidence. :) I totally went into Velour with the attitude that I was going to be outgoing and introduce myself to the other performers yadda yadda yadda but it was kind of hard!  I felt like I did a pretty good job considering.  It is easier after everyone has played because then you can talk to them about their music.

When we were doing the sound checks they needed to check the piano and vocals for Emily Brown, but that would have required them to move my set-up and the piano and everything just for a sound check! So I asked the sound guy, Jordan, if I needed to sing while she played so he could get levels.  He said that would be great so I ran up there and attempted to improve a song for everyone while she played something random on the piano. I sang things such as, "I am singing a song for a sound check and I don't improve songs out of my head, but at least I'm singing on tune and I even rhymed for you"  (those were not my exact lyrics because I don't remember them, but I wanted you to get the gist) It was pretty funny! Everyone seemed to enjoy my attempt! Ha!

All in all, the night went really great.  I felt great about my performance, but on top of that the other performers really did a great job!  The guys after me had some great harmony and the one guy, Chad, played awesome rhythms on the harmonica while strumming the guitar! I was very impressed.

The girl after him was Emily Brown and she was AWESOME!! I absolutly loved her. Similar style to Regina Spektor, (minus the Russian background) very unique voice, and great piano skills!  I was sooo impressed.  You can find her on facebook. Go to  I just loved her!  And she was very nice which makes her even more cool!  :)

The last guy, I think his name was Asure,  had a really great voice and had a very chill set.  I really like that chill, kind of minor style.

Once again, it was a great night and an awesome show.  I hope everyone that was there enjoyed it as much as I did!

Bye for now!


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