Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Car Woes, Concert Concerns

Totally got my car back today - don't get too excited - I got it back only to find that the check engine light came on 10 minutes after I started driving! So, I will be taking it back to the shop again!

Enough about my car, I play at Velour tomorrow night and I am way excited!  It sounds like there are going to be quite a few people there to support me and that makes me even more excited to play.

I do have a concern though.  I am afraid that all these people are going to come tomorrow and then Corey (the guy that owns Velour) is going to think that I have this really great following and then he will put my on a bigger venue and nobody will come to that show!  Hopefully people that come to the show tomorrow will like what they hear and that will make them want to come back next time I play again. And hopefully they will tell all their friends and make THEM come to shows and they will tell their friends and then I will be PACKING all kinds of different places with huge crowds of people!

Wouldn't THAT be awesome!?  :)  Ah...daydreams...sometimes they can be so fun...

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