Monday, January 25, 2010

My Car...

I got in an accident about a month ago in my Trail Blazer.  I fish-tailed at around 60 mph into a baracade which sent me sailing across 4 lanes of traffic into another baracade where I stopped, unharmed and extremely gratful to have not hit any other cars.  So that sums up the accident.  Pretty scary! I know...I was there! :)  (I'm a geek and you love it...)

So we took my car into the shop and they got it all fixed up but they keep painting it the wrong color! Maybe the painter is color blind or something...I think I will pretend like that is the case just to make myself feel better. Kind of like when you are behind a really slow car and instead of getting road rage you think to yourself...'maybe they are carying very fragile materials or something.'  Maybe you don't do that, but occasionally I do.

So the moral of this story is that I miss my car...though I am grateful for the little truck that my dad is letting me borrow so I really shouldn't complain! 

Enough about that! I have a gig this Wednesday and I am way excited!  It sounds like there might be quite a few people there and that will make it even more awesome! I have been stressing a little since my guitars have been in the shop getting all tuned up and stuff.  My Martin wasn't going to be done until Tuesday, so I decided to do the show with my Ramirez (my classical guitar).  I know what you are thinking...'A Claaaaasical guitar! - what are you doing Kat..'  Let me just tell you that my Ramirez is a sweeeeet guitar and it sounds great!  Especially plugged in!  So I have all the faith in the world that you will still be very satisfied with the performance if you happen to be lucky enough to be there! Ha ha...was that cocky enough for you? :)

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