Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Beginning

Hello Everybody! I am finally entering the blogging world and I will tell you why...

For those of you that don't know me very well yet, my name is Kat Tingey and I am a musician. I have been playing guitar, singing and writing music for over 10 years now and that is where my passion is in life! I love writing music, and I absolutely love performing for people!

However, though music is my passion, I haven't been pursuing it like I should. I have played quite a few shows here and there, but I have not given my best effort to find more places to play. I know that I have let some of you down because you wanted to see and hear more from me. I am sorry! I even had one of the songs I wrote, called Undone (inspired by the Twilight novels) and it became quite popular online, yet I still didn't take that perfect opportunity to do anything about it! Why? Who knows...I have come up with all sorts of excuses through the years! To be completely honest with you I think the reason for my slacking is fear, feelings of inadequacy, intimidation and anxiety! All great reasons not to pursue your dreams right??? HA! Are you kidding?! PATHETIC! I am tired of succumbing to these fears and feelings! I am tired of letting them stop me from moving forward with my life and following my dreams!

Don't get me wrong...I have accomplished quite a bit with my music. I have recorded 3 albums, 2 (Raining Autumn & Stranger) of which can be found online through my website or by searching Kat Tingey on itunes,, or just google my name. I graduated from USU in Guitar Performance and studied with Mike Christiansen. I have taught guitar lessons, classes and ensembles. And I have played at a lot of different places. These are great accomplishments but I think it is time to take things a little farther now.

I was talking to a good friend a while back about jobs and such and he mentioned something about doing what you love for a living and how he couldn't imagine work being any better than that! That conversation apparently stuck with me because later I was sitting at my 8-5 M-F job...where I answer phones, enter data into the computer and do other secretarial type jobs...and I thought to myself, "what am I doing with my life! Am I really going to be a Secretary my whole life when I could be doing something with my music?! Making money doing something that I love?!" Around the same time I had this realization, another friend emailed me saying, "Kat, I have been listening to Stranger a lot lately and there is no reason these songs should not be on the radio! Are you touring with this!"

Maybe I have been too open with you...maybe I have told you a little too much about myself and my feelings, but this is my blog and I am going to keep it open and honest as I proceed with upcoming goals!

So if you would like to join me, I have decided that by the end of this year I would like to be able to say that I have toured around with my newest album called Stranger. I am going to try and stay updated on my blog to let you know how things are going and probably how I am feeling too. It might even get a little personal sometimes, because, well, I do like to talk a lot sometimes! :) You probably noticed that already! Ha!

Thank you to everybody for your support, patience, good advice and love! Start checking my website for upcoming events, shows, and blog updates. ( I am hoping to get some shows set up in February and go from there.

Here goes...I am going to post this...eak!



  1. Good for you!!!!! I hope to see you here in Logan! And welcome to the blogging world! It's lots of fun!

  2. Ya, now we will know what you are doing and what is going on!

  3. Way to be, Kat!!!! This is good news. Go get 'um, girlfriend.