Saturday, January 23, 2010

About my Weekend

This blog is more about my weekend and not so much about my music...but isn't that what a blog is...random info about my life?

I thought that last night was going to be very chill for me. I'll admit, I was a little bummed about that, but, I was determined to deal with my circumstances with a positive attitude! So I called my friend Betsey to chill with me and to my delight we ended up having quite an adventurous night! I love when stuff like that happens!

It snowed quite a bit here and Betsey's neighbors decided to go play in it. Since my Trail Blazer is still in the shop getting painted all the wrong colors, (a story for another time) I am currently driving this light little Chevy Colorado that my Dad was nice enough to let me borrow for a while. Because of its lightness it is really great for donuts and such...and as I found out last night...REALLY great for bizzin. A new term for me...the picture explains it all! I only completely fell down once! But I probably swore more than once... :/ hee hee.... bad habit when I get in tight spots! Still not a good excuse though...

Well the fun did not end there! We also went sledding down this long kinda curvy road! It was very fun! And just a little scary when the snow plow decided to plow up the road we were riding down. No worries! We had plenty of seconds to jump to the side! :)

We only had one mishap the whole trip and that was Betsey's phone slipping from her pocket and into the snow somewhere. And before we realized it the snow plow had already gone up and down the street. Sorry Betsey!

As for roommate and I scrubbed our kitchen floor! Something we have been dragging our feet on for a long time...ha! No pun intended! Since then I have watched an episode of Lost and done quite a bit of advertising online for the show at Velour on Wednesday! The rest of the night is ahead... disco skating anyone??

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