Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I went to the Muse concert on Monday!  I wonder if the day will ever come that they are not my favorite band in the whole entire world!  Right now it just doesn't seem possible!  :)  The concert was incredible!  They play song after song and they hardly say anything to the audience.  They played 17 songs! And that isn't including all the middle jamming stuff they did between songs! Wow! My heart starts getting excited just writing about it!!!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the concert!

Proof that I was there, rockin' out at the concert with my awesome Muse shirt on!!

Yep! That is my girl Candice! She was there, and not to far away from us!

I went with my friend Scott!  We bought tickets to this concert way back in December! I'd say we are devoted Muse fans!!

They had some awesome laser effects and stuff!

Ah Matthew!  You are so beautiful!

I took some video of some of the songs and they turned out pretty good, but I can't ever seem to get them to work in my blog!  So my pictures will have to do!  :)

If ever you get the chance to see this band in concert my advice would be to do whatever you possibly can to go because it will blow you away!! I obsessive???  I dont' really care!  I love them!!    


  1. According to your Post, I am a dedicated Muse fan. Concert in Vegas: Check. Purchased tickets in December for Concert in April: Check. THOUROUGHLY enjoyed concert in April. CHECK!!


  2. So wish I could have gone with you.