Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I have been doing...

This post is dedicated to my cute sister-in-law Stacie, who wants to see more pictures of me in my blogs and less words. :) ha ha

Toga Party at my friend Cara's house.

Yes, he kept the hat/towel on his head all night! Ha ha...

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

I've decided I have a thing for what I like to call "Audrey Hepburn" hats!

I know I can count on Tricia to do a good pose with me!

I think mom looks stylin in this pic!

Wicked in Boise!! Beginning of May 2011!!
(All the good pics were taken by Candice, they are on facebook if you want to see more about our trip!)

So distinguished!

The only picture I got in San Diego before my camera battery died! 

At least I got a picture of my birthday kiss in San Diego! :) May 2011

So far that is all I have to show for myself, I am sure there will be more fun to come, and I will try to document it more often! :)

Stacie! I hope you enjoyed my post today! I will try to do better posting pictures so you and the kids can see what I am up to! :) Love you!


  1. You're so adorable Kat! So jealous you got to see Wicked too!


  2. Ya, I am so happy you made my day. We love the pics and hope there will continue to be more! We love you! And anything Audrey Hepburn is fantastic, love her.

  3. I need a new update. How are we suppose to know what you are doing if you don't post. Or maybe we need to call you more or text more. Miss you a ton. Love you!